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Victory Condition

You win by making more points than your opponents.

The game ends either when:

someone reaches the target score of 1000 points. OR

The global countdown timer ends

Scoring Mechanism (1/2)

Each occupied hexagon, if not adjacent to another, is worth 1 point

Total Score = 1 + 1 + 1 = 3

Scoring Mechanism (2/2)

But, if the same 3 hexagons are adjacent, they're worth 9 points.

The formula is: points = (number of adjacent hexagons)2

Adjacent hexagons score
112 = 1
222 = 4
332 = 9
10102 = 100

Unit Types (1/2)

There are 3 different unit types in the game, with specific attributes:

Unit Types (2/2)

The following table shows the attributes of the different unit types:

Unit Cooldown Time Occupation Time Movement Range Special
Helicopter2 sec6 secs4 hexsFlies over obstacles
Tank4 sec3 secs2 hexsN/A
Shield1 secN/ATeleports to any player occupied hexagon, regardless of rangeCreates an influence radius of 1 hexagon

Influence Radius

The influence radius, produced by the shield, affects both the friendly and enemy units inside it.

Building Units

You can build new units at the base.

You can toggle the unit being built by clicking the base. Each unit type takes a specific amount of time to build:

Time to play!

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